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 Shop Software [Instant Cashin][Multilanguage][Realtime]

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PostSubject: Shop Software [Instant Cashin][Multilanguage][Realtime]   Wed Mar 07, 2018 8:36 am


I offer here is my brand new shop software - Code Flex Store! The shop has been completely programd with angular2 and NodeJS and is therefore based on JavaScript and is very efficient. He has very many and useful functions, which it would be very easy for administrators and customers to buy or to sell. The shop is a uniform structure and simplifies the operation a lot easier. Some functions are very simplified in order to preserve the anonymity and the software is not to overwhelm with unnecessary features.

What is code flex store?
With the Flex Store Shop software code can be any kind of products sold in the scene.
The following products can be very convenient and easy-to-sell:
- virtual goods (CCs, accounts, keys, etc.)
- Download goods (software, tools, etc.)
- physical goods (Carding, cards, electrical appliances, etc.) - By entering a drop address in the profile, this is also not a problem!
It is for users and administrators an easy to find your way around, since almost everything in the shop is clearly explained. Your customers will never disappointed and loses more because you have forgotten to fill your product. Code Flex Store reminds you in the admin panel that your product will soon be sold out. Also broadcasts and replace requests can be done with 2 clicks.

The most important features at a glance:

achieved your customers all over the world! The shop is with 2 clicks in 3 languages (German, English, Russian) translatable! Of course, a default language specified by the administrator.

Live notifications:
at the time of publication of a new product, all users will be informed in Live. Is a user, he will be notified immediately if a payment is received. Each Confirmation, which is required for the transaction is received, the user will be displayed live. Even if the user, the user receives a voucher sent a mission as marked or one of his replace requests has been processed, he sees this in real time. These notifications are again a lá Facebook.

Automatic Replace System:
calls for a user replace with reason and evidence, the administrator can grant this link and the user automatically receives replacement if the product is filled. Alternatively, you can also use a voucher will be issued with the desired value. Of course, the replace also be refused.

User system with VIP users:
Users can be normal users, administrators, or VIPs (specified by the administrator). VIP users can be granted special discount within the entire shops.

Full responsive:
Even on the go via smartphone or tablet the shop is easy to use and all functions are available.

Extra account protection with PIN Verification:
Provides extra protection to your customers! When registering a new account, the user must specify a 6-digit PIN. This serves to protect the accounts. With the purchase of a product or change the profile must be specified.

Full Feature List
System: - News
- Latest Product
- most bought product
- bitcoin course
- Notifications (Facebook style)
- German English Russian translatable
- default language can be set
- Instant btc cashin
- Live Alerts for confirm, new product and Gift
-voucher system
- Extra Pin protection when buying and profile changes
- User Notes
- physical address would be possible (drop)
- quantity discount
- VIP user with extra discount
fill - Products
- warning in the case of self-defined border that product will soon be empty
- manage shipments
- Add TID
- Maintenance Mode
- Global announcements
- Automatic Replace System
- Live notification for processed replaces
- Full Repo Immersive: mobile usable
- registration can be closed
- product review
- User

There is a demo under:
Contact & Purchase Requests: [Jabber] codeflex[at]exploit.im

The price is 700€ in bitcoin (fixed price).
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PostSubject: Re: Shop Software [Instant Cashin][Multilanguage][Realtime]   Sun Mar 11, 2018 5:14 am

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Shop Software [Instant Cashin][Multilanguage][Realtime]
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