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 BEST CC and FULLZ on the Market

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PostSubject: BEST CC and FULLZ on the Market   Mon Mar 19, 2018 10:48 am

Why are we getting Ripped off?                  

Why aren't we getting the best of what we paid for?

   My friend your worry is about to end with me. I can not guarantee my stuff are always high and good balance since the cards are not mine and owners use it on a daily basis. But what i can guarantee is that my stuff are the best on the market and give greater success rate.
  I work with a group of highly skilled spammers,skimmers and insiders so my stuff are always virgin sniffed, You doubt? why dont you make order for some pieces and testify.

I  strictly sell the best and highest level of cards.
* Strong BINS : Capable of High Value Swipes and Orders.
* High Quality : Allowing you to shop and cash out longer without the risk of declines.
* First Hand : Which means our cards are always valid and never ever resold.
* Lowest Prices : Get more cards for your cash.

USA  = 15$
Canada = 18$
Australia = 18$
Europe =20$

USA  = 40$
Canada = 50$
Australia = 50$
Europe =60$



*Selection : You can select by BIN / ZIP / STATE.
*Replacements : I refund all general declines and regional locks.
*Time : 20 minute(for cvv/Fullz) replacements.
*Discounts : I offer discounts to regular customers and Bulk buyers.
*Support :I offer support and advise.
*Timewasters :I instantly ban timewasters.

Contact Me through :

     Telegram: shad0wmonk

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BEST CC and FULLZ on the Market
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